Friday, February 6, 2009

Walgreens or CVS?

I haven’t decided which store I like better. I like the fact that I can buy things at CVS with ECBs, and pay little out of pocket, but I also like the fact that I can spend a little money to purchase free-after-rebate items at Walgreens, and make a little profit. Once I get my rebate giftcard from Walgreens, it makes that initial investment all worth it. I love both stores equally (for now).

If you want to start couponing, but aren’t sure how to start, and not sure if it’s worth the initial investment, let me share with you my results from last month, January.

#1 Orajel Cold Sore – $8.49 (I also submitted a manufacturer rebate, so I will make another $8 off this product)
#2 AutoExpression Air Freshener – $4.99 (I also submitted a manufacturer rebate, so I will make another $4.99 off this product)
#3 Revlon Matte Collection – $4.99
#9 Walgreens Allergy Cough Cold – $10.00
#24 Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Kit – $5.00
#25 Choice of Glade – $1.00
#25 Choice of Glade – $1.00
#29 Kraft Products – $5.00
#29 Kraft Products – $5.00
#29 Kraft Products – $5.00
#31 Electrasol Gelpacs – $1.50

Sub-Total Rebate – $51.97
Walgreens Gift Card Bonus – $5.20
Total Rebate – $57.17
(This will be added to my rechargeable GC)

What I actually bought these items for:
Orajel – $7.49
Air Freshener – $4.99
Revlon – $2.99
WAGS Medicine – $4.97
Shower Kit – $11.99
Glade – $0.00
Glade – $0.00
Kraft – $3.00 ($.50/box)
Electrasol – $.99

Total WAGS Investment – $36.42
Total WAGS Profit (after Rebate) – $20.75

I actually made more profit than $20.75, because I had 2 MF rebates totaling $12.99. I also had several WAGS Register Rewards that I used and some left over gift card money from Christmas. Overall, I think I profited MORE than I invested.

I got the email from Walgreens stating I will be receiving $57.17 yesterday and I told my husband. He was very excited. Patience definitely is the key!! If you can make an initial investment, wait about a month to receive your rebates, it’s definitely worth it.

What I plan to do is use that $57.17 to purchase February’s free-after-rebate items, wait a month and then I will hopefully have close to $100 on my giftcard by the end of February/beginning of March.