Printable Coupons

There are tons of places to get online, printable & electronic coupons - for just about anything you need.  Groceries, Car repair, Restaurants, Dog/Cat food, Toiletries, Magazines, Movies...ANYTHING!!

--Printable coupons have become the "norm" nowadays.  If you are looking to save a few extra bucks, and don't have time to cut coupons from the Sunday paper, these 3 sites are wonderful.  In fact, because printables are so popular, they have higher value coupons available on these sites as opposed to the newspaper.--

Coupons Inc.


**Target Store Printable Coupons**
(These can be combined with Manufacturer Coupons for MORE savings!)

**SmartSource Printables**


--You can load these coupons onto your store cards for extra savings.  You can "double up" and use 1 electronic and 1 paper coupon to help lower your out of pocket expense.--

**Instead of directly coming off your total, these coupons are deposited into a designated account.**
Save for College the Smart Way!

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**Shortcuts eCoupons**

**PGeSaver eCoupons**


** Printables**

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