Monday, June 29, 2009

PetSmart $5 off $25 coupon

So I don't have pets (yet), but here is a coupon some of you could take advantage of.

Go HERE to access the new $5 off $25 in-store coupon. Coupon valid through 7/25/09.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Free Makeup at JCPenney

Get a free 10-day supply of Bare Escentuals Matte Foundation and a baby buki brush at Sephora with THIS COUPON!

Kroger - Daytona Event

Daytona 500 Offer – Buy 10 participating items, get $3.00 off (which comes to $.30 off each item)

2 Ritz Crackers $2.50/ea
-Used (1) $1.00 MFQ IP

2 Wheat Thins $2.00/ea
-Used (2) FREE item coupons wyb Ritz from the 5/17 SS
(Between the 2 Ritz & 2 WT, they were $.85/ea

3 Popcorn $1.99/ea
-Used (3) $.50 MFQ that doubled from the 5/17 SS

1 Kraft BBQ Sauce $.99
-Used (1) $.75 MFQ from the 6/14 SS
=FREE + $.06 overage

1 Country Crock $1.99
-Used (1) $.50 MFQ that doubled from the 5/17 RP
=$.69 (GREAT BUY!!)

1 Purex $2.79
-Used (1) $.35 MFQ from the 6/14 SS

2 Ragu Sauce $1.61/ea
-Used (2) $.30 MFQ from the 5/17 RP

Total: $8.33
Total Saved: $23.44 (73%)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Financial Friday - Bonus Annuity


Many of you follow Metroplex Savers because you are working hard to save money on your purchases. You may be very successful saving as much as $100 a month in spending. But where does all the money you save end up? Perhaps you spend the money you save on other necessities of life like rent and utilities. That’s understandable. But I suggest to you that if you could SAVE the money you save and put it to work for your future, that would be even better.

Just like you shop for deals, bargains, and special opportunities in the couponing world, you can do the same in the financial world. Financial institutions will offer various promotions at times to bring in new accounts. Let’s look at an example of one product where you might be able to get your earnings doubled on your savings; the product is called a bonus annuity.

Let me begin with a couple of disclaimers. First, before you put your money into any kind of long term financial vehicle, you need to talk with an agent or financial advisor you trust. He or she can explain the different financial products, give you printed information that discloses exclusions and limitations, and help you determine which product may be most suitable for you. That’s what I do in my financial planning practice.

Second, my example is typical of several products from different companies, but it is not specific to one plan or company. If you want to see an actual illustration, you need to speak to the agent or advisor. There are many products out there and each one is unique in some way.

I suppose there should be a third disclaimer. Annuities have taken kind of a bad rap in the press in recent years. The problem is not with the product itself, but with unscrupulous salespeople who either don’t understand the proper usage for it or just don’t care. As I like to say, if you go to a car dealer to buy a convertible and they sell you a pickup instead, the problem isn’t with the pickup, it’s with the salesman. Annuities are great vehicles – if it’s the right vehicle for you.

Now, allow me to paint a picture for you. Let’s say you want to save $100 a month for the next five years. If you put that money in a savings account at the bank right now, you’d probably be lucky to get 1.0% interest on your money. If you had a lump sum of savings that you could put aside all at once, you could buy a CD for 5 years and earn somewhere between 3.5% and 4%. But, if you’re just starting out your savings, you probably don’t have $6,000 in cash lying around. And, if you’re just getting started and you’re only saving $100 a month, stocks and mutual funds don’t make a lot of sense because of the high fees and investment risk relative to the amount you’re setting aside. What’s a new saver to do?

A bonus annuity could be just the ticket. Next week, we’ll explore how a bonus annuity works, and how and why the financial institution will pay you a bonus to save money. In the meantime, if you have any questions or have comments, please drop me an e-mail at

Guest Post by David Barnett

So I get my couponing tenacity from my dad. I woke up this morning and found a cute email from him, so I thought I would share. (I think he's secretly jealous of all my awesome buys so he felt the need to compete)


I'm so proud of myself! Here's my coupon coup for the day. Albertsons had their Grande tortilla chips on sale 2 for $5 (regularly $3.49 each). Each bag had a "buy two bags of chips/get $2 off of beef" coupon -- no particular brand of beef, since the ad was sponsored by The Beef Council. So, I picked up four bags of chips and went to the meat cooler, where I found two packages of steak that were reduced for quick sale. They normally would have been $8.38 and $8.17, but they were marked down to $3.34 and $3.26. Plus, the Coupon Fairy left a $1 off Grande chips coupon on the chips rack, so I got another $1 off. Here's the total:

Full Retail:
4 bags Grande Chips - $13.96
Steak #1 - $8.38
Steak #2 - $8.17
Total FRP (full retail price)= $30.51

I Paid:
4 bags Grande Chips - $9.00 ($10.00 sale price minus $1 Manu. Cpn)
Steak #1 - $1.34 ($3.34 sale price minus $2 Manu. Cpn)
Steak #2 - $1.26 ($3.26 sale price minus $2 Manu. Cpn)
Actual cost = $11.60
Total Savings $ = $18.91
Total Savings % = 61.98%

Not bad for the old Pops, huh?

Oh dad, how I love thee!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joint Joice Challenge - 30 Day Supply

Joint Joice is trying a new powdered drink mix!

GO HERE to participate in Joint Juice’s 30 day challenge. Take a VERY short survey, and they will send you a 30 day powdered drink mix supply and ask for your input.

Sounds like a great deal!

Thanks, Just Frugalicious

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Regal - Free Movies this Summer

REG Free Family Film Festival Beginning June 2009!

Click HERE and HERE for more information.

Here are some theatres in my area with their showings for June:

Fossil Creek Stadium 11
N. 6100 Freeway
Ft Worth ,TX 76137

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Veggie Tale Movie (G) & Nim's Island (PG)

Kit Kittredge: American Girl (G) & Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa (PG)


Eastchase Stadium 9
8301 Ederville
Ft Worth ,TX 76120

Charlotte's Web (G) & Igor (PG)

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Veggie Tale Movie (G) & Nim's Island (PG)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turn $2 into $10!! Great week to start couponing at CVS

UPDATE: Deal is now dead as of 6/19

There is currently a HUGE moneymaker going on at CVS this week.

The StyleScience Lens Cleansing Cloths are priced at $.99. Get $10 ECBs when you buy 2, making it an $8.00+ moneymaker!! (Limit 1)

This would be a GREAT week to start couponing at CVS, if you haven't started already. Why?

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 StyleScience Lens Cleansing Clothes at $.99/ea
Total: $1.98
Get back $10 ECB

I found these on the glasses endcap.

Good luck, and let me know if this works for you!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/14/09 PROFIT $9.88

Yet another excursion for free and close to free stuff.

Store #1 – Walgreens
Transaction #1
2 Baby Powder – 2/$2, get $1 RR
-Use (2) MFQ HERE

1 St. Ives Body Wash - $2.99, get $2.99 RR
(I couldn’t find my coupons for this)

Used $2 RR

TOTAL: $1.07, used GC so $0 OOP
Received $1 RR & $3 RR

Transaction #2

8 RAGU Sauce $2/ea, buy 8 get $8 RR
-Used (4) $1/2 MFQ HERE

Used (4) $1 RR

TOTAL: $7.92, used GC so $0 OOP
Received $8 RR

Transaction #3
4 Dry Idea Deodorant $.99/ea (with in ad coupon)
-Used (4) $2 MFQ HERE (adjusted down…they wouldn’t let me get the overage)


Store #2 – CVS
Transaction #1
1 Excedrin $4.49, get $2 ECB
-Used $2 MFQ HERE
-Used $1 CVS coupon that printed when I scanned my card

3 Kellogg’s Cereal $1.88/ea
-Used (3) $1 MFQ (6/7 RP)

1 Crest Toothpaste $2.99, get $2 ECB
-Used $1 MFQ (from P&G Saver Booklet)

Used $3.99 ECB

TOTAL: $2.13
Received $2 ECB & $2 ECB

Transaction #2

6 3M Picture Hangers $2.50/ea, get $5 ECB wyb $15 (deal from over a month ago)
-Used (6) $2.50 MFQ

Received $5 ECB

Store #3 – Kroger
10 Kool-Aid 10/$10
-Used $.50 MFQ HERE that doubled


Grand Total OOP: $11.12
Received in ECB/RR: $21.00
PROFIT: $9.88

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My haul today 6/13/09

So my mom and I set out on an excursion today. We normally go on Sundays (and yes we will go again tomorrow) but there were some more deals that I wanted to take advantage of before the new ads come out.

Store #1 – Beauty Brands (off 377)
FREE OPI Nail Polish
Go HERE for your coupon.

TOTAL: $0.00 OOP

Store #2 – Target
2 Kashi Waffles 6ct $1.79
-Used (2) $1.50 MFQ (mailed to me)

1 Men’s Degree Deodorant $2.49, but actually rang up $1.97
-Used $1.00 MFQ (5/17 RP), and
-Used $1.50 Target printable HERE
=FREE + $.53 in overage


Store #3 – Walgreens
4 Johnson’s Baby Powder 2/$2, get $1 RR on wyb 2
-Used 4 $1.00 MFQ HERE
Got back (2) $1 RR

TOTAL: $0.00 OOP
PROFIT: $2.00

Store #4 – CVS
4 Schick 2pk Disp. Razors $.99/ea
-Used 2 $2.00 MFQ

1 Snack Size Plastic Bags (50ct) $1.00

Used $1.00 ECB
TOTAL: $0.00 OOP

Store #5 – Kroger
29 Vitamin Water $1.00/ea
-Used (29) $.50 MFQ that doubled to $1.00

2 Oikos Greek Yogurt BOGO $2.19
-Used (2) $.50 MFQ HERE

2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese $1.67/ea
-Used (2) $1.00 MFQ HERE

1 Kroger Tortilla Chips $1.00/ea

10 Kool-Aid Packets (sale is 10 for $1)
-Used $.50 MFQ that doubled to $1

2 Knorr Rice Sides $1.00/ea
-Used (2) $.45 MFQ HERE that doubled to $.90

1 Daisy Sour Cream $1.67
-Used $.50 MFQ that doubled to $1 (5/31 RP)

1 Mahatma Rice $1.09
-Used $.50 MFQ that doubled to $1 (4/26 RP)

1 Organic Valley Milk $.79 (manager’s sale)

TOTAL: $4.28
TOTAL SAVED: $40.67 = 90.48%

Grand Total Spent: $4.33
(Received $2 in WAGS RR)