Friday, January 20, 2012

Aldi Deals 1/18 - 1/24

I love shopping at Aldi because they have the lowest produce prices around. Here are this week's specials:

Flat Leaf Spinach 9 oz. - $.99 each
Tomato on the Vine - $.69 per 1 lb. package
Baby Carrots 1 lb. - $.49 each
Yukon Gold Potatoes - $.99 per 5 lb. bag
Other Great Deals:
Jumbo Rose Bushes - $4.99

Tortilla Chips 13 oz. - $1.19
Honey Wheat Pretzels 36 oz. - $3.99
Chicken Tenderloins - $2.49 per lb.

Check out more deals HERE.  And don't forget - you can always price match at Wal-Mart!!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Target: Splenda 80ct ONLY $.49

Head on over to Target to score some $.49 Splenda boxes (80ct).

Buy Splenda Essentials @ $3.49
-Use $1.00 Target Q (1/8 J&J insert) --AND--
-Use $2.00 MFQ (1/8 SS insert) or $1.00 Printable HERE

= as low as $.49 each!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Target: Smart Ones ONLY $.79 each

There is a great deal on Smart Ones frozen dinners at Target right now. Here is how you can get them for $.79 each!

The deal is - Buy 10 Smart Ones, get a $5.00 Target gift card.

Buy 10 @ $1.89 = $18.90
-Use the $3/10 Target Printable --AND--
-Use the $3/10 MFQ Printable (There are also $3/10 peelies right on the box!!)
Pay $12.90 OOP, Get back a $5.00 Target GC
= $.79 each

**Don't forget you can bring your own reusable bag to get an extra $.05 off**

We get these for Brian to take to work, and for when I don't feel like cooking.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Total Savings/Earnings - $7,617.46

Year #3 of Couponing is officially over!!

Using coupons and watching those deals definitely pays off for us year after year. I know it’s a lot of work to keep up with all my receipts and tally our savings in a spreadsheet, but I love seeing the final number at the end of the year. It makes my hard work that much more worth it. I started couponing in October 2008. Once I saw the savings rack up, my stockpile grow & my debt decrease, I went full throttle.  In 2009, I saved/earned $8550.72.  In 2010, I saved/earned $8,062.82.  Here are our totals for 2011:

We saved $7,556.50 by using coupons, watching sales, and online shopping.

We earned $60.96 in manufacturer rebates (not including cash back rebates from sites like Ebates or ShopAtHome).

Here are some of my most favorite deals of 2011:
2/14/11 – I got 2 pair of Asics shoes and saved $83.06.

5/2011 HERE, HERE, HERE – Before Kroger discontinued their double/triple coupons, I saved over $100 and spent only $17.00.  And I STILL have lots of noodles left in my pantry!

11/2011 HEREHERE – Old Navy had some AWESOME 75% off sales in November.  Brian and I were able to save over $250 (not including tax).  We only spent $78.60, and were able to score some great deals on winter clothes.

11/25/11 – And finally, we purchased some furniture on Black Friday.  Our receipt says we saved $2,389.00 + tax.  Score!  I thought we got a pretty good deal based on our needs and wants, and our spending budget we set.

Grand Total 2011 Savings/Earnings - $7,556.50 + $60.96 = $7,617.46

Since the New Year is a time to break old habits, form new ones and do things you’ve never done before, why not make it a point to try saving a few dollars?  What have you got to lose...really?

Debt Paid off in 2011 - $19.237.10
Debt Paid off since 9/2009 - $54,400.63 (Car Loan, Mortgage, Credit Cards, School Loans)

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 New Year Resolutions & Goals

January 1st of the new year is always a time of reflection, renewal, and changing things that can make you a better person. I enjoy setting goals at the beginning of each new year.

Brian and I recently had a “family business meeting” to discuss financial matters and of course goals. This year, I am going to print and post our 2012 goals out in the open so we will ALWAYS be reminded of what we need to be doing. Here is the list we came up with for the year 2012:

- Start Masters Program (June)
- Lose 50 lbs
- Get Special ed teaching certification
- Get History teaching certification

- Lose 30 lbs
- Cut coke from Diet
- Eat more fish
- Spend more time reading and relaxing
- Load dishes in dishwasher as we dirty them (The idea is to always have an empty sink!)
- Research home flipping and put together business model
- Earn extra $600-$1,000 by any means possible

- Save & Pay Cash for Spring Break Trip
- Pay off school loans (Making us 100% debt free, not including our house)
- 3 months of expenses saved in Emergency Fund
- Start IRA, Contribute monthly
- Start investing ($150/month)
- Save & Pay Cash for Summer Vacation
- Save & Pay Cash for New Car
- Walk Dusty Bottoms (our dog) more

Brian once told me (while we were dating), “Big goals are just small goals put together.” GENIUS! If we don’t divide our goals up, map it out or outline how we are going to get there, we just might not achieve anything. So within each goal, we will list the small steps we can take to get to that ultimate goal.

- Bathroom re-do, additional sink
- Cash for new Washer & Dryer
- Cash for new coffee table, entertainment center, kitchen table
- Cash for Lasik for Leah - yay!

We might not be able to do any of the extra stuff, but it's good motivation. All I really want this year is a NEW CAR!

What are your 2012 goals?

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