Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Total Savings/Earnings - $7,617.46

Year #3 of Couponing is officially over!!

Using coupons and watching those deals definitely pays off for us year after year. I know it’s a lot of work to keep up with all my receipts and tally our savings in a spreadsheet, but I love seeing the final number at the end of the year. It makes my hard work that much more worth it. I started couponing in October 2008. Once I saw the savings rack up, my stockpile grow & my debt decrease, I went full throttle.  In 2009, I saved/earned $8550.72.  In 2010, I saved/earned $8,062.82.  Here are our totals for 2011:

We saved $7,556.50 by using coupons, watching sales, and online shopping.

We earned $60.96 in manufacturer rebates (not including cash back rebates from sites like Ebates or ShopAtHome).

Here are some of my most favorite deals of 2011:
2/14/11 – I got 2 pair of Asics shoes and saved $83.06.

5/2011 HERE, HERE, HERE – Before Kroger discontinued their double/triple coupons, I saved over $100 and spent only $17.00.  And I STILL have lots of noodles left in my pantry!

11/2011 HEREHERE – Old Navy had some AWESOME 75% off sales in November.  Brian and I were able to save over $250 (not including tax).  We only spent $78.60, and were able to score some great deals on winter clothes.

11/25/11 – And finally, we purchased some furniture on Black Friday.  Our receipt says we saved $2,389.00 + tax.  Score!  I thought we got a pretty good deal based on our needs and wants, and our spending budget we set.

Grand Total 2011 Savings/Earnings - $7,556.50 + $60.96 = $7,617.46

Since the New Year is a time to break old habits, form new ones and do things you’ve never done before, why not make it a point to try saving a few dollars?  What have you got to lose...really?

Debt Paid off in 2011 - $19.237.10
Debt Paid off since 9/2009 - $54,400.63 (Car Loan, Mortgage, Credit Cards, School Loans)

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