Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Total Savings/Earnings - $8,062.82

Year #2 of Couponing is officially over!!

I started couponing in October 2008. Once I saw the savings rack up, my stockpile grow & my debt decrease, I went full throttle.  In 2009, I saved/earned $8550.72.   Here are my totals for 2010 - including all my savings with coupons, rebates, etc.

Savings - $7,722.96
**This number includes my savings shown on the bottom of my receipts-coupons from the newspaper inserts, printables, coupons I asked for from different stores, Passbook coupons, money I found on the ground, $.10 off per gallon of gas, rolling my rewards, Christmas Savings, and any giftcards I won or received. Obviously, if I paid for the GCs myself, that’s not really saving.

Manufacturer Rebates - $339.86
**These rebate are awesome! Not only can I use coupons to get my out of pocket expense as low as possible, but I can submit a rebate to make a profit! Here are a few examples of those:

2-13-10 – Oil of Olay had a $15.00 rebate when you bought 3 body wash.  I made a $10 profit!

6-9-10 – I made $2.61 buying $30 worth of Kellogg's products.

It seemed like couponing had slowed down a little bit in 2010.  More people are using coupons and more stores are cracking down on their policies.  I didn't save as much as last year, quite frankly because I didn't need to buy very much - just necessities and FREEbies.  I had a HUGE stockpile from 2009, so I didn't need to buy much.  In fact, I ended up selling a large amount of my stockpile in our Garage Sale and through Craigslist.
Grand Total Savings/Earnings - $7,722.96 + $339.86 = $8,062.82

And from all the savings/earnings, we have paid off $25,357.22 of debt in 2010, totaling our debt payoff to $35,163.53 since September 2009.  Not bad for a 1-person income!

How much did you save in 2010? Were you able to pay off debt, purchase something big, or even pay for a vacation with cash?

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