Friday, January 7, 2011

Financial Friday: How to Keep Track of Your Gift Cards

I am a minimalist, so when a special occasion comes around, I tend to ask for gift cards instead of specific items or products. Over Christmas, Brian and I collected a good amount of gift cards.

In an effort to organize and keep track of all my gift cards, I thought I'd get a little fancy and creative. I got a couple of my baseball card holders out of my coupon binder and put a giftcard in each slot. I also found some coupons online that I printed and put behind the giftcard. I found a $5 off 2 Olive Garden entrees, and a $10/$50 Dick's coupon. So when we decide to use that gift card, I can make that money go a little bit further by using the coupon.

I noticed that the card holder was real flimsy and my gift cards kept falling out, so I got some velcro, cut it in half, and placed it on the top of each slot. And voila!

THEN - I called each # to find out the balance on each card. This will definitely help me when I consider purchasing something. And it will save me some time having to call ALL the time.

If you collect gift cards like us, you might consider organizing them like we did.

I can't wait to add MORE to our collection.

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