Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My $10.00 Rebate wyb $30 Kraft (Profit $2.61)

So I've been talking about this $10 Rebate wyb $30.00 worth of Kraft food. I was double checking my receipts and thought I would share how much coupons can really make a difference.

From 5/23 - 6/7, I purchased $34.43 worth of Kraft Food. Check out what I bought HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE. I bought a poop load of cheese, I just didn't take a picture of EVERYTHING I bought.

Anyways, looking at all my receipts, I only spent $7.39 on $30.00 worth of Kraft products. When I get my $10.00 rebate back I will have profited $2.61!!! See how much coupons really do help??

Considering most of my purchases were cheese, I consider this a SLAM DUNK!! I will make over $2.00 for buying $30 in Kraft products!

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