Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WEEK 5 - 16 Ways to Execute a Successful Garage Sale - WRAP UP

For the past month, I have been posting tips every Monday on how you can execute a super successful garage sale.

My family and I just recently put on a sale. My parents live at a busy intersection, near several apartment complexes, on a corner, making their home a prime location for a garage sale. My husband and I were getting ready for a move, so we were able to get rid of a lot of junk and extra stuff to help reduce the amount of moving boxes!

Total, we were able to make over $530.00 at the garage sale, over 70% of that was our profit! We could have made a little more money had we put our sign out a little sooner, and not just in our yard but a few around the neighborhood. But I thought we did pretty well considering.

We had several big ticket items: 2 TVs, Queen size Mattress & Box-spring, Coffee Table (mom's).

Here are a few pictures of our setup:
-Notice color, our clothes set up, furniture placed near the front.  And don't ask me how my dad placed a bed frame on ladders to hook our purses up...I have NO idea.
Remember Week 1, when I talked about collecting your items and dumpster diving? Well…at our apartment complex, the Lord was totally looking out for us. A few days before our garage sale, we had 3 big ticket items show up at our apartment complex dumpster. 1 – Queen size Mattress & Boxsprings (sold for $16.00), 2 – Computer Desk (sold for $10.00), and 3 – a Red TV stand/Dresser (see above).  We had a few interests, but didn’t sell it. We will save it for next time.  So just by picking up these items on our way out, we were about to make an extra $26.00, with a dresser to spare! I think that’s pretty awesome!

I also had a family friend donate to our garage sale.  I'm not sure how much profit we made off their items, but I know it was something.  Thanks, Winhold's!  We GREATLY appreciate it!!

I hope to do another one soon, as our city lets us do a garage sale 3-4 times a year. Hopefully you can take some of this information with you, apply it, and make a HUGE profit off your garage sale.

Some of you might be thinking over preparing is a waste of time, especially for the profit made at a garage sale. BUT – think of the money you would make if you didn’t over prepare? Probably a fraction of the amount!

One last comment – wear sunscreen! Haha I was so busy setting up, getting organized, AND we had customers 45 minutes before we were supposed to “open,” that I totally forgot to put on sunscreen. My arms, face and legs got scorched pretty bad ☺

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