Monday, May 17, 2010

WEEK 3 - 16 Ways to Execute a Successful Garage Sale - STRATEGIZING

As you know, I will be posting every Monday in May, tips on how you can execute a super successful garage sale.

Before you continue reading, check out Week 1 - COLLECTING & Week 2 - ORGANIZING & STAGING.

Week 3 – Strategizing

#1 – Sell Food
You will obviously have to double check the rules on this one, as your city regulations my vary. If you can, try to sell some food, like hot dogs, candy, little bags of chips, drinks, popsicles, lemonade & cookies, etc. People like to eat, people get hot, people have kids. One year I bought some energy drinks for super cheap (VERY close to FREE). I sold a few of them at the garage sale and made a small profit. Usually when they buy food, they will buy an item from the garage sale. Usually when they buy an item from the garage sale, they will buy some food. It certainly doesn’t hurt anything to try.

#2 – Dress it up with COLOR
Colorful things attract attention! If you have any items that are brightly colored, put them in a spot where people will easily see them. Put colorful table cloths on the table underneath your stuff. Shoot, blow up some balloons and put them outside, around the area. Do whatever you can to draw attention. One month I had a garage sale, I had a bunch of “girly” things like bracelets, necklaces, glitter, etc. They were ALL very colorful, and conveniently placed. I sold every one of those items in 1 day!
#3 – Get Creative
There are tons of ways to get people to buy stuff and for you to get rid of. At the end of the day, you could do “Buy 1, Get 1 free,” “Everything 50% off,” or “Fill a Bag for a Buck” (thanks, Crystal) or something along those lines. If you are real eager to get rid of your junk – get creative like that.

#4 – 2 Heads are better than 1
Get together with 1-2 other women, combine your stuff for more sales. It does help sales to have more items there – more to choose from. Plus there are other women around to help if customers have a question, or even to provide you some company. I’ve done a garage sale practically by myself. It’s no fun! Just make sure you keep track of whose stuff is whose. I will usually make a mark on the colored-dots to keep other people’s stuff from my own.

Stay tuned next week: Executing

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