Saturday, May 1, 2010

16 Ways to Execute a Successful Garage Sale, by Leah Rockwell

It's finally warming up around here, and the rain is almost over. Come on, May flowers!!

Every year, Brian and I (I mean, just ME) go through our whole house and find stuff we don't use anymore. I don't want to be a hoarder, or have a bunch of junk in our home. So, we put on a garage sale every year, sometimes more than one.

I will be presenting EVERY MONDAY in May "16 Ways to Execute a Successful Garage Sale." I will have tips and tricks of the trade to help you put on a great garage sale. You may find some new ideas here, you may find that you are doing everything right - and you just didn't know it. Either way, it should be fun & exciting!!

Here's my plan:
Week 1 - 5/3: Collecting
Week 2 - 5/10: Organizing & Staging
Week 3 - 5/17: Strategizing
Week 4 - 5/24: Executing
Week 5 - 5/31: Recap - Hopefully I will have pictures of our garage sale, and how much profit we made!!

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