Friday, May 7, 2010

Financial Friday 5/7/10 - Stockpiling

Welcome to my first installment of Financial Friday. Like I said on Wednesday, these Friday posts will be dedicated toward anything regarding MONEY.

This week, I would like to talk about STOCKPILING:
What is stockpiling?
This is where you “stock” up on a product when it is at a rock bottom price.

The whole point of doing this is having things on hand when you need them. If you run out of something, what do you do? What happens? You run out to a store to get the item, find out it’s not on sale, and you end up paying full price.

If you are a couponer, you can make a coupon with a sale, to make the price even lower.

If you are not a couponer, you can still buy cheap. Wait for a good sale, and buy several of those items. The best sales typically run every 6 months. When you find a good deal, stock up on 6 months worth – and stick it in the freezer! Not only does this save you money, but it also saves you time. Like I mentioned earlier, how many times have you started cooking and realized you were missing an ingredient? GRRrrr. Well, if you have several items stocked up for months at a time, chances are you won’t have to run out to the grocery store at the last minute.

Here are a few items that I consider ROCK BOTTOM prices – or good prices!! Of course FREE is the best, but here is a list of some great prices.

These prices are based on purchases with AND without coupons:
Bananas – $.39/lb.
**This is the lowest I’ve seen – at Aldi**

Cereal (Med-Large Boxes)- $1.00 – 1.50
**I don’t like to pay more than $1.00, but since cereal is generally expensive, $1.50 is a great price**

Cheese (8 oz.)- $.99

Chicken (48 oz. frozen bag)- $5.99 (~$2.00/lb)
**I have found that the 48 oz bags at Aldi at always prices at $5.49 – even better!!**

Coke (12 pk.)- $2.00 – $2.50
**My family is a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan. Sometimes we buy off brand, but Kroger runs a 5 for $11 deal every once in a while. So I stock up on this deal!**

Ground Beef - $1.70/lb or less
**Of course this depends on the fat ratio, but usually 80/20 or 70/30, $1.70 is a good price**

Pasta – $.25 - $1.00
**I purchased a lot of pasta for NOTHING HERE, but I will stock up on around $.25 with a coupon.**

Pineapple (fresh) – $.99

Strawberries – $.99/lb.

Vegetables (frozen & canned) - $.50
**I usually buy more frozen veggies (in the bag) than fresh, so this is a great price**

Yogurt – $.25 per cup

Negative – Stockpiling does require a little more up front costs, since you are initially buying more. But over time, it will save you a fortune!!

Even if you aren’t a couponer, if you are patient and wait for a sale, there are great buys waiting to be had. I have saved hundreds of dollars, and a lot of frustration by buying more than I really need, but at a rock-bottom price.
My first year of couponing, I did a lot of stockpiling and spent a little more than normal. But this year, I have hardly had to buy anything at the store except for weekly staples. It’s kinda nice taking a break from doing a lot of shopping. And I know I’ve saved a lot of money doing it this way.

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  1. I was told by one of the distributors that the mfg cost for Dr P/Coke etc is about 25¢ a can so if you can find it for that price (or less), you should stock up on it.