Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tom Thumb Trip 5/4 - ALL FREE

So remember the $12.00 in catalinas I got from Tom Thumb the other day?

I decided I would use that money to buy some staples that we need around the house, and a few things that we have run out of.

Here is the outcome of my transaction:
3 TT Paper Towels - $.79 each = $2.37
3 TT Toilet Paper - $.99 each = $2.97
1 TT Lite Syrup - $1.89
1 Vanilla Extract - $2.99
1 TT Garlic Salt - $2.49
Total - $12.71 + tax

I went thru the self checkout, because…I like the self check out and I can take my time to make sure everything rings up right.

Problem #1:
My catalina coupons weren’t scanning, so the cashier had to manually enter them. She entered them as a grocery coupon for $12.00. The total came to a little over $1.00 – which I KNEW was incorrect. I then ask her if the $12.00 took off the tax too (because I KNEW it wasn’t supposed to be that high) She said “well, then that means you would basically not be paying anything.” (Um…YEAH!) So she then left to go ask a manager about the tax thing (*note: any catalina or manufacturer coupon is supposed to take off the dollar amount indicated on the coupon AND tax. So if I had $12.00 in coupons x $.0825 tax = $.99, so $12.99 total—I think)

She came back and started typing in stuff (I guess the manager OKed it). She entered in a coupon amount for $.44 (and the register automatically doubled that – because Tom Thumb doubles coupons up to $.50). So now we’re at $12.00 + $.44 + $.44. So I still needed $.11. So she entered in a $.12 coupon (and the register automatically tripled that – because Tom Thumb triples coupons up to $.39). So now we’re at $12.00 + $.44 + $.44 + $.12 + $.12 + $.12.

I had to laugh to myself – this was comical. She couldn’t figure out why it was doubling and tripling.

Then I had to laugh to myself again because if after the $.44 x 2 coupon she entered in, I only needed $.12. If any coupon under $.39 triples, all she had to do was divide $.12 by 3, and the register would triple it so that it would equal $.12.  I guess thats just the math nerd in me!

So my total came to -$.09 HAHA

She just grabbed the change and put it back in the register. And I left without having to pay anything out of pocket. When I should have had to pay like $.83ish.

The cashier was getting frustrated – AT ME…like I did anything to her! haha Oh well! I’m a happy camper!!

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