Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WEEK 4 - 16 Ways to Execute a Successful Garage Sale - EXECUTING

As you know, I will be posting every Monday in May, tips on how you can execute a super successful garage sale.

**note - sorry I didn't get this posted on Monday - I got busy unpacking!**

Week 4 – Executing

#1 – Know your Audience & Don’t be Greedy
If you’ve done a few garage sales in your area, you generally know what kind of people stop by. You also get a feel for how much gets sold, at what price, and if people haggle for a lower price. You probably think your junk is worth more than it is. If you want to sell your items, don’t over price them. HOWEVER, I sometimes over price my items a little because people will haggle and barter with you for a lower price, but not by much. I generally know how much I would like to get out of that item.

#2 – Check the Weather
AKA – don’t be stupid! To make THE most profit out of your garage sale, you do need to do as much organizing and planning as possible. And part of that comes with checking the weather. Don’t just up and the day before decide you want to do a garage sale. Double check the weather for the weekend. This will also help give you an idea of temperature, time frame, and more time to gather your stuff if need be.

#3 – Signs & Post an Ad
Ads - There are people that go Rummage Sale Shopping every weekend. There are people that look in the ads for items they are looking to buy. You can usually place a FREE ad in your local newspaper for your Garage Sale. You can also list your sale on Craiglist for free. Make sure you list your big ticket items, and anything you think will attract attention. In fact, I posted my Craigslist ad on Friday night, and I had 3 emails in my inbox asking about certain items.

Signs – Make sure you have colorful, visible, easily-readable signs. They will help guide and direct people who are looking for your garage sale. Make them good enough to use for the next one and the next one. You can use an old political sign and paste a poster board over it. Easy-shmeezy. I invested in a quality sign that I could use over and over again. I was also very vague on what I wrote so I could use it more than once. For example: My sign says “Saturday – 8am,” that’s it.

#4 – Be a Sales-person
Know your stuff, really! If someone has picked up an item that has a pair, let them know about it. If someone is deciding whether they want to buy the item or not, reassure them; whether by reminding them they don’t have to pay tax, how good the item is, how they can use it, etc. Do everything you can to make that person want the item. But of course, don’t be too pushy. There’s nothing worse than a pushy salesman. I was able to sell a few extra items just by casually mentioning certain items that would go with their purchases.

Stay tuned next week: Garage Sale Wrap Up & How mine went!!

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