Friday, April 23, 2010

Restaurant Gift Certificates 80% off

Have you heard of offers a national directory of more than 13,000 restaurants and a number of exclusive online merchants. Enter your zip code to find the perfect restaurant and gift certificates for savings.  This site is so popular that more restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon!

Even better - Save 80% Off $25 Gift Certificates. Use code "MEAL" at Checkout and hit "Apply." Pay only $2.00 for a $25.00 gift certificate.

Is the restaurant you want out of gift certificates?  *TIP* - If your restaurant is out of stock, buy the generic gift certificate from the gift center. Then at the first of the month when they restock, you can redeem it for the restaurant you wanted. 

I have used these before, and they are great! It makes a date night REALLY cheap!!

**NOTE:  One of the newest restaurants in my area code is "Red Barn BBQ" in Colleyville.  I have been there before and they are DELICIOUS!  So go treat your entire family to a great meal, for a fraction of the cost!**

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