Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Financial Friday: Our Outlet Mall SCORE!!! + How to Black Friday Shop!

I am posting this Financial Friday now because DUH...this Friday is Black Friday!

You remember the Tanger Outlet Gift Card Promo I mentioned earlier? Brian and I both got a $50 Tanger GC for only $25.50 ($.50 activation fee).

Well...we were able to score over $268 worth of goods for only $51.50 out of pocket! We saved 81%. We were able to get some new jeans, a winter jacket for Brian, and some Christmas gifts for family.

Here's how we managed these incredible deals, that will also help you on Black Friday:
1) Make a List - You might have already done some Christmas shopping however, make a list of the people you want/need to buy for, what they want, and about how much it will cost OR how much you are willing to spend on them. This will help you keep on track and not overspend.

2) Research - Most of the Black Friday ads are already out, but are you really getting the best deal? Just because it's a special shopping day, doesn't always mean it's the best deal. Doing your research ahead of time will save you time in the stores.

3) Check for Coupons - Help get your OOP expense ever lower with store coupons. I highly doubt stores will issue a coupon valid on Black Friday, but you never know. Also, try asking the store associate if they have any available coupons. Again, you never know. (**I asked, and we were given (4) 20% off coupons at the Outlet Mall**)

**At the Tanger Outlet, we shopped at Old Navy for our clothes. Before we even left, I double checked current store prices with coupons VERSUS Black Friday prices without coupons. (The Old Navy coupons I printed expired on the 24th, so not valid on Black Friday). We actually were able to save MORE money shopping before Black Friday because 1) at an Outlet Mall, 2) $10/$50 & $15/$75 coupons, and 3) discounted gift cards. So DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!**

4) Plan your Route - TRAFFIC!!! There will be lots of people out and about. Map out the stores you want to go to and figure out the easiest, fastest, less mileage way around. Hopefully this will keep you in a good mood!

5) Bring Cash - With all these awesome deals roaming around, the easiest thing to do is whip out your credit card and buy more than you wanted. This is why you make a list/budget, research the deals, and BRING CASH! You won’t overspend if you are forced to spend only the cash you bring!

6) Eat a healthy breakfast - When you get up god-awful early, make sure you eat a healthy, energizing breakfast. The last thing us fellow shoppers need is a grumpy person around.

7) Bring food/snacks - With loads of people around the stores, there will be loads of people around restaurants. Unless you want to brave those too, bring food with you. If you do want to eat at a restaurant, it is probably a good idea to bring snacks with you anyways when you get the munchies.

8) Try to leave the kids at home - DUH!!!

9) Calm down & Relax - Don’t forget the reason for the season. Don’t forget why you are out and about. You are shopping for family. Shopping for people you love to give to people you love. Don’t let the stress of crowds, long lines, cranky people, crying kids get you down. If you try to be happy, you will be. My mom always says “Smiles are contagious!” OH - and if you get down, just sing a Christmas song! "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear!"

Like I said, Brian and I were able to save 81% off retail price by using these shopping techniques. I hope that you can score some great deals on Friday.

Happy Savings!

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