Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It Doesn't Hurt To Ask...AGAIN!

How many times have I said this? (atleast 3: HERE, HERE & HERE) I think this saying should become my new life motto! haha

Anyways, I've been researching online, looking up potential gift items to get my family members for Christmas. I came across a great find at Kohl's. The item was discounted online. Obviously I didn't want to pay for shipping, so I thought I would hit up the store and see if the item was 1) actually marked down to that price, and/or 2) if the manager would let me have it at that price. I printed out the item I wanted and brought it to the store with me.

I found the item, brought it up to the register and said, "I found this deal on your website, but the item isn't ringing up at this price." She looked at the item, looked (intensely) at the print out, and (happily) said "Well, let's give it to you for that price!" And I said, "Is that OK? Can I do that?" And she said, "I don't see why not!" Then she called someone to double check, and sure enough I GOT IT!! I got the item for 60% off retail price!!

It doesn't hurt to ask!!

...Something similar happened to us when we were shopping around for a new computer. We found a cheaper price at another store, brought the print out, and Best Buy matched that price. Not to mention we had GC's. So we got a great deal!...

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