Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It Doesn't Hurt To Ask...

How many times have I said this? 80% of the time it turns into something like this:

I was eating the rest of a box of cheerios, and noticed a "prize" on the bottom. I opened it, and it was a $5.00 Discover giftcard. SHA-SWEET! But went I looked at the date, the card had expired. CRAP! We just don't eat cereal fast enough. So what did I do? I emailed customer service, said some nice things about their product and asked if there was any way they could reissue the giftcard. This was their response to me:

Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding our Big G Cash Card.
This promotion expired June 1, 2010. The promotion started February 1, 2009. We no longer have replacement cards to mail out. We apologize that you did not get to use the card from your package. An adjustment has been mailed to the address that you have provided. Please allow 15-20 business days for delivery.

If there is anything else we can do concerning this matter, please let us know.
Thank you.

Consumer Services

I just got a $5.00 check in the mail and a really nice letter from a CS rep.

It doesn't hurt to ask...

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  1. That's awesome! My Mom always told me the same thing and when I was younger I didn't always have the courage to ask. Now that I'm older I have the same motto because what's the worst that can happen, they say no? ;)