Friday, October 8, 2010

Financial Friday - Our October Cut Backs, Week 1

Your money habits in October will have a direct impact on your holidays.  Who wants to be paying Christmas CC bills PAST Christmas?  NO ONE!!  That is why it is super important to establish some sort of stability in your finances ESPECIALLY in the month of October.

Last week, I mentioned that Brian and I were going to do some MAJOR cutbacks in the month of October.  Each Friday I will be chronically how we did throughout the week.  Hope you enjoy!

I think getting started is the easiest part. You're excited about your ideas, excited about starting. Week 1 went fairly well. We ran out of a few grocery items, but we managed to go the rest of the week without them.  Here are our results for Week 1:

1) Lights Off: We've been more aware of this, so hopefully it will reflect on our next month's bill.  We haven't been turning on the lights unless it's absolutely necessary.

2) A/C Off: It's been somewhat cooler here in DFW, so we've tried to keep the air off as much as possible.

3) No Food or Fun:
Friday 10/1 - Spent $6.32 Rosa's before Homecoming football game (This was planned way before I decided to do October cutbacks)

4) Cut Groceries: We are going to try to limit our coke intake...we shall see how that goes!
Sunday 10/3 - $4.48 on Coke
Tuesday 10/5 - $1.84 (see HERE)
Thursday 10/7 - $1.50 (Brian said he "needed" a coke because his head was!)

What we ran out of ketchup & sliced pickles this week.  I'm going to see how long we can go without these items before I buy them again.

5) Cut Laundry Loads:
Saturday 10/2 - 1 load of whites
Monday 10/4 - 1 load of darks
We have a HUGE pile of clothes piled up now.  I'm thinking I might have to do 2 loads of darks next week.  I hope not, but I'm going to try!

6) $100 Extra Monthly Income:
Saturday 10/2 - Half Priced Books - $7.50
Sunday 10/3 - Craigslist Sale - $37.00

Food/Fun - $6.32
Groceries - $7.82
Extra Income - $44.50 (only $55.50 left to make for October)

How did you do on your goals?

I'm expecting Week 2 to be super hard.  Here we go!!!

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