Friday, October 15, 2010

Financial Friday - Our October Cut Backs, Week 2

So far eating at home for EVERY meal hasn’t been THAT hard. It has required me to do a little more planning ahead, a little more cooking, and a little more creativity. But, I’ve been able to manage. And quite frankly, I’m really loving eating at home because we are getting rid of some food that we’ve had for a while now, that really needed to be consumed. So once our stockpile is all eaten up, I can start couponing FRESH. Oddly enough...I'd love to have an empty pantry.

Here's how we came out this week:
1/2) Lights & Electricity Off: FYI, we started cutting our electricity and A/C before October began. We just got our TXU bill, and it was 44% LOWER than last month. Mainly due to cooler weather, but also being aware of using LESS electricity at all times, no matter what! So next month should be even better!

3) No Food or Fun:
Wednesday 10/13 - $1.08 (We rented a free movie, BUT I forgot to turn it in with in 24 hours. BOO!!!)

4) Cut Groceries:
Saturday 10/9 - $.07 (I bought a reduced grocery filler item at CVS so I could use some ECBs. This was my total.)
Sunday 10/10 - $4.58 for Coke
Wednesday 10/13 - I did the "Kickoff to Savings" event at Kroger, and bought lots of items...however I did not have to pay anything. I had overage on a few items, so the items that would have cost me something...didn't. Yay!

5) Cut Laundry Loads:
Friday 10/8 - I did both loads right away - it's piling up! haha

6) $100 Extra Monthly Income:
Saturday 10/9 - Sold more Aluminum Cans - $13.65
Sunday 10/10 - Craigslist Sale - $5.00

**So Brian and I were craving sweets Wednesday night. Ice cream is expensive, and quite frankly I didn't want to pay out of pocket for it, even with a coupon. From all the great CVS deals I've been able to score, I had enough ECBs to use some on some sweets. We bought a 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell ice cream for FREE! Nice!**

Food/Fun - $1.08
Groceries - $4.65
Extra Income - $18.65

October TOTALS so far:
Food/Fun - $7.40
Groceries - $12.47
Extra Income - $63.15 (only $36.85 left to make for October)

How did you do on your goals?


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