Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Benefit of Shopping Online - Payless Edition

Honestly, I prefer shopping online. I used to hate it because I never knew what size I wanted/needed, and shipping costs. What a waste! Shopping online thru cashback sites is how I score my most awesome deals! NOW - most stores offer FREE in-store shipping AND there are several cash back sites you can go through for EXTRA savings. The savings aren't "whopping" but they are "something."  And you can always return or exchange anything at the actual store.

Here's our latest online shopping score at Payless Shoes.
2 Flats & 1 Tennis Shoes for me, and 1 Tennis Shoes for Brian. (*note - when I went by the actual store, one of the shoes was actually $3.00 higher than the online price!  Score for me.*)

With BOGO 50% Sale - $80.98 + tax (probably around $6.68)
Then I entered code "42565" to get an additional 20% off. (-$16.20)
I selected in-store shipping to avoid shipping costs.
With tax, I paid $70.13.
I shopped thru a cashback site, ShopAtHome, which offered 8% back ($5.61).  That amount will be deposited into my ShopAtHome account very soon.

Had I shopped in the store, I would have paid $87.66.  After discounts and cash back, we will have saved $23.14 and paid $64.52 for 4 pairs of shoes. Not bad!

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