Tuesday, August 30, 2011

*SOLD OUT* Groupon: $40 GC to Sports Authority for ONLY $20

*Hope you got one - it's now sold out!  Sad... *   This might be a great way to save some money on Christmas. It's never too early to start shoppin' :)

Dallas Groupon is offering a $40 gift certificate to Sports Authority for ONLY $20. Limit of 1 per person, valid thru 11/19/11. I'm thinking I might get Brian some tennis shoes (he's a middle school coach and goes thru shoes like no other!)

The Groupon is offered at 14 participating locations, so make sure you double check the nearest location to you is participating.

Here's how to get this deal:
* Go HERE and login/sign up for a Groupon Account
* If you don't see the deal, go to the “Visit More Cities” link to find Dallas. Then you should see the deal on the side bar.
* Click the “Buy” button and complete your order

If you want even MORE savings - go ahead and buy a discounted Sports Authority Gift Card from PlasticJungle. Right now, their gift cards are 13% off AND shipping is ALWAYS FREE!!

For example, you could buy a $50 GC for $43.50.  THEN - go buy a $90 item at Sports Authority, use your $40 Groupon (paid $20) and your $50 GC (paid $43.50). In actuality, you would have only paid $63.50 OOP. That's a savings of $26.50!! Not bad!

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