Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries Without Using Coupons

Life happens.  People get busy, and don’t necessarily have the time or patience to coupon.  There are several weeks where this happens to me, whether I just don’t have time or I’m too tired (more like lazy) to deal with it.  If this is you, here are 5 tips to saving money on groceries without using coupons.

1)   Shop the Ad - The stores publish what is on sale each week.  Generally, these prices are lower than your normal retail cost.  Look through the ad each week to check out what you should buy.

2)   Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Sales Get 2 items for the price of 1!  Without any coupons, you are saving 50%.  Proteins/Meats often run BOGO, so buy 2 and freeze them!

3)   Make a List - Shopping the aisles with a plan keeps you from purchasing those unnecessary items.  I know people who go to the store, go aisle by aisle and just grab items.  By the end of the month, they have spent $1,000 on groceries.  Have a plan and stick with it!

4)   Check Manager Specials & Clearance Section - At the stores I shop, the meat department clearances and marks down their meat in the morning.  So the best time to shop for discounted meat is before lunch.  If you can’t make it in the morning, it wouldn’t hurt to still check for mark downs while you’re there.  I always check the Manager Special section every time I go to the store, and almost always find something worth buying.

5)   Pay With Cash - Using cash will help you stay within your means/budget.  It will also help you purchase only the necessities.  I was behind someone in line a few months ago who had a wad of cash.  Their total was more than what they had, so 1 by 1 they took items off their order.  Irritating?  Yes.  BUT they did not spend more than they had.  Cudos!

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