Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Financial Friday: October 2011 Cutbacks, Week 2 Results

2 weeks ago, I mentioned Brian and I were doing some October cutbacks. The main thing we wanted to focus on was eating out for meals. We don't do it often and spend hundreds each month, but we did want to pay closer attention in October. Then maybe for the holidays, we can let loose a little bit.

Week 2 was a little better than Week 1. I was a bit discouraged that we didn’t meet our goal during Week 1, so I was bound and determined to change something during the 2nd week. We spent less on dining out AND on groceries.

Here are our Week 2 Results & Conclusions:
Electric – 
* We are still keeping all the lights off as much as possible, as well as the A/C off during the day. I am also doing more crock pot cooking and less stove/oven cooking. *

Laundry – 1 load
* Somehow I managed to only do 1 load of darks this week. And boy…those clothes are piling up fast. *

Groceries – $16.76
* I didn't have to buy much in groceries this week since I bought more during in Week 1.  In fact, half of this amount from purchasing coke.  I now have a long list of groceries for Week 3, like fruit and cheese. *

Dining – $21.53
* SO CLOSE!!! Brian HAD to get an energy drink (after staying up to watch the Rangers game) Grrrrr *

Extra Income – $126.20
* I sold something on Craigslist, several pounds of aluminum cans at the Recycling Center, and we also received some unexpected money. *

Now we did go to the Texas State Fair with family on Sunday – BUT, we received some unexpected money/love gift from work previously done, so we decided to use that money for the Fair instead of dipping into our cash budget. Had we not received this money, we probably would not have gone. The remaining money was added to our “extra income” goal.

So here's where we are at right now:

I want to get to the point where my extra income goal each week/month pays for our groceries and dining…but I’m kinda running out of things to sell online ☺

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