Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plastic Jungle: Discounted Gift Cards

Have you heard of Plastic Jungle? I mentioned it a while back, and thought I would re-introduce it, especially with graduation and wedding season coming up!

Plastic Jungle is a great way to sell, buy, exchange or donate gift cards on the internet. Here’s how it works…

**Get Cash – Cash in gift cards with a minimum balance of $25 for up to 92% of the card balance. You can also exchange your gift cards for gift cards or donate them for the benefit of your favorite nonprofit organization. Shipping is FREE!! For example, if I have a $25 Starbucks GC, I can cash it in thru Plastic Jungle for $20.50 in cash or $21.53 in giftcard. How cool is that?!

**Save Money – You can also purchase gift cards at a discount!! Shipping is FREE! For example, I can currently snag a $25 AMC Theatres Gift card for $21. Every little bit helps, right?

**Donate Gift Cards – You can give part (or all) of a gift card’s cash-in value to your favorite charity or nonprofit.

Frankly, I think Plastic Jungle is pretty fly. If there is a store or restaurant I know I will be shopping at in the near future (like Home Depot), I can purchase a GC online for cheaper than the actual value on the GC. Every dollar saved certainly helps!

They also offer *All Transactions Guaranteed* *Always FREE Shipping* *No Fees *No Expiration Date*

Here are some great deals you can currently snag:
Fandago GC - 30% off  ($25 for ONLY $17.50)
AMC Theaters GC - 16% off  ($25 for ONLY $21)
Borders Books - 15% off  ($25 for $21.25) 
Kohl's - 14% off  ($25 for $21.50)
Bath & Body Works GC - 13% off  ($25 for $21.75)
Sports Authority - 13% off  ($25 for $21.75)
McDonald's - 11%  ($25 for $22.25)
Olive Garden - 10%  ($25 for $22.50)
Target eGC - 5%  ($25 for $23.75)
Wal-Mart eGC - 3%  ($25 for $24.25)

Go HERE to get started and check out the deals.

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