Friday, May 20, 2011

Financial Friday: How to Prepare for Special Events + My Husband's Graduation Gift

Graduations and Weddings are quickly approaching. The cost of these events can get pretty expensive.  Whether you are planning a party or purchasing a gift, if you plan ahead you can save lots of money.

Party or Present?  Make a list of what you will need or what you would like to get and keep an eye out over the next few months or weeks. Watch the sales, and when you find an item at a low price, agreeable with your budget, buy it!  This avoids buying last minute and at full retail price.

I knew my husband was going to graduate this May, and I knew exactly what I wanted to get him.  I planned, made a list, kept my eye out, and was able to fill 2 big gift baskets for under $20.

My husband graduated with a Kinesiology degree with a teaching certification and minor in history. I thought it would be cool to give him gift baskets full of helpful tools and gifts. 1 for the "History Teacher/Congratulations" and 1 for the "Coach." With the help of Swagbucks, coupons, FREEbie offers, Amazon and online shopping, I was able to fill 2 gift baskets for super, super cheap! Here's what was in each gift basket and how much I paid for it:
Coaching/Sports Gift Basket:
Total Value - $87.92 + tax
Total Paid - $5.00 + tax

History Teacher/Congratulations Gift Basket:
Total Value - $66.12 + tax
Total Paid - $9.88 + tax

If you aren't sure what to get that special person, ASK THEM! Then keep an eye out for sales and deals. You'll be glad you did! I tell you, the BIGGEST help was the use of Swagbucks and Amazon GC's. You can find almost anything on Amazon, and at a cheaper price than at any store. If you haven't already started using Swagbucks, read about it HERE.

Happy Graduation to my Hubby - you've worked extremely hard the last 4 years, and I am SO proud of you!!

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