Monday, February 28, 2011

Groupon: $19 for 26 Weeks of the “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” Sunday Edition ($71.70 Value)

Those of you who coupon might want to get in on this GREAT Groupon deal!  Right now, you can get 26 Weeks of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Sunday Edition for ONLY $19.00.  THIS IS OVER A $70 VALUE!!  You will save WAY more than $19.00 within 26 weeks by using the coupons inside the Sunday paper.  This is a fantastic deal - hurry and get it!

Here's how to get this deal:
* Go HERE and login/sign up for a Groupon Account
* If you don't see the deal, go to the “Visit More Cities” link to find Fort Worth.  Then you should see the deal on the right hand column.
* Click the “Buy” button and complete your order

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