Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Shop Mega Events at Kroger

Mega Event Shopping:

So I thought I might do a little post about the Mega Event. There are some common misconceptions, and little tricks of the trade that might help you better understand how to go about shopping.

To get the "reward," you have to buy a certain # of products. That # is located in the ad and ALL over the store. For example, Buy 10 participating items, get $5.00 off. So in essence, each item is $.50 off!

BUT - that $.50 doesn't come off each item. When you ring up those 10 items, they ring up the regular price. Then when you're ready to pay, the $5.00 comes off at the end - as a whole. So here is how you can score some AWESOME deals:

Participating Item #1 - $1.00
- Use a $.50 manufacturer coupon that doubles to $1.00 to get it for FREE!
THEN - that extra $.50 (which is included in the $5.00) comes off your total when you're ready to pay. So it's like you got that item for -$.50!!

Participating Item #2 - $1.25
- Use a $.35 manufacturer coupon that triples to $1.05. = $.20
THEN - that extra $.50 (which is included in the $5.00) comes off your total when you're ready to pay. So you got that item for -$.30!!

Or Here...the Rotel - $.92
thanks, FortheMommas
- If you have no coupons, once you scan 10 "participating items," the $5.00 comes off your total, making those 10 items each $.50 LESS. So in a "cents" you get that can of Rotel for $.42. *If you have a coupon, you could possibly come out ahead!*

* You have to buy 10 of the same item - WRONG! You DO NOT have to buy 10 of the same item to get in on the deal (*cough* DAD! He has a plethora of cream cheese right now!) You just have to get 10 "Participating Items." So make sure you take a good look at the ad and/or the tags underneath each item.
* You can only do 1 Mega Event - WRONG! Kroger wants your money!! You can do multiple Mega Events in 1 transaction. I've done up to 30 items, for a total of $15.00 off my total.
* You have to buy "at-least" 10 - Yes & No! The best deal is when you purchase in groups of whatever the ad says. 10. 8. etc. If the deal is "buy 10, get $5.00," if you buy 15, then you're only essentially getting $.33 off each item. Not the best bang for your buck. Buy in multiples listed in the ad.

Tricks of the Trade:
* If you are getting overage from an item (see examples above), throw something in your cart that you don't have a coupon for to soak up that overage, aka. milk, chicken, Pam, etc.
* Don't shop during rush hour!
* If you don't have a lot of groceries in your cart, go to self-checkout. I like to make sure everything is scanned correctly and all my coupons go through.
* STOCK UP - if you can, spend some extra money when these items are on Mega Event. You can find extremely cheap deals.
* No rush - most of the time, these Mega Events last for 2 weeks. Just enough time to get your coupons together and shop til you drop!
* If you are doing multiple Mega Event groups of 10, try fitting those black, hand-held baskets in your cart to help divide the items in groups of 10. If you are short one item, the bonus amount will not come off your total.

Here's some of the Mega Event deals I've been able to score recently:

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