Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Planning - February: Week 2

So last week, I mentioned that I wanted to try my hand at meal planning. Week 1 went well...considering. I will be out of town from Wed-Sat of this week, so I tried to plan "easier" meals for my husband to cook. We'll see how this pans out.

February Meal Planning – Week 2
Mon, 7:
Dinner – Mexican Hamburger Braid (I tweaked it a bit), Side Salad

Tues, 8:
Dinner – Family Meal with Grandparents

Wed, 9:
Dinner – Spaghetti with Whole Grain Noodles, Broccoli

Thurs, 10:
Dinner – Hamburger, French Fries, Side of Veggies

Fri, 11:
Dinner – Baked Ziti with Chicken, Side Salad

Sat, 12:
Lunch – Chicken Sandwich, French Fries, Broccoli
Dinner – Homemade Pizza, Side Salad

Sun, 13:
Lunch – Family Meal with Grandparents
Dinner – Large Salad with Breadsticks

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