Saturday, June 4, 2011

On the Menu: Saturday 6/4/11

FREE Chick-fil-A

**Once you accumulate $100 worth of Chick-fil-A receipts, you can get some FREE fooders! And that is what we did.  And we have 2 vouchers for another FREE meal for us left over!**

Green Bean Casserole

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  1. Leah,

    How do you get the free food from Chick Fil A? We live in the North Tarrant (MidCities area) and am interested in this program.


  2. Our local CFA does a promotion - buy $100 worth, get FREE food (2 adult and 2 kids meals). Just bring in $100 of receipts. They'll add it up right there, and let any remainder go towards the next one. For example, we brought in $133 of receipts, so they wrote us a little voucher that said "$33 for next time." I'm not sure if all CFA's do this, but the one in Watauga off 377 does. Hope that helps.