Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paleo Diet Results, Thoughts & Conclusions

Me, Granny & Mom on Mother's Day (my clothes are getting SO baggy!)
I've been eating Paleo for 7 weeks, documenting the last 4. Here are my thoughts & conclusions:

Right away I noticed how my body felt. Within days I was sleeping better, I felt refreshed, I never got the "end of the day" slump, I was never hungry, my blood sugar never crashed, my body began to take a new shape, I could go longer without eating, my skin felt smoother and looked healthier (not to mention the dark spot on my stomach has disappeared), I lost pounds and inches, and the best part of all (to me) was once I stopped eating/drinking dairy - I noticed the gunk in my throat had cleared up. I sing/teach for a living, and have always had a little problem with crap in my throat while I sing. I no longer have that problem, and I attribute that to eliminating dairy from my diet. And you know what? I DO NOT miss dairy at all!

Just the other day I was telling my husband, you know...even though we pay a little extra for organic meats, the fact that we haven't purchased milk, yogurt or cheese in over a month has actually saved us money. We used to make homemade pizza at least once a week, and cheese is so expensive. The fact that we have not been eating out has saved us money as well. Our April/May Grocery & Dining expenses are significantly less than our March/April Groceries & Dining expenses. All because we haven't been eating out and buying certain foods.

In my research & study, I have concluded that in order to feel good and be healthy, I have to make this a lifestyle - not a diet. I would get so upset at myself for getting a sweet tooth or eating something bad, and my husband would say, "It's ok to cheat every once and a while. It's a lifestyle, Leah...not a diet." So I have to look at it like that. Like I mentioned the other day, I will continue to eat healthy. I now think twice about going out to eat, eating potatoes and bread, buying pre-packaged meals, etc.

Several things have impacted and changed my life during this 28 day journey. If I take care of my body now, I will have less health problems later in life (hopefully). As my friend Terri once said, "You can pay for it now, or REALLY pay for it later." - literally and figuratively. I plan to feed my body with good, healthy foods, continue to exercise, go to the chiropractor often, get massages, take supplements whenever needed, do yoga, think positively, etc. Whatever I can do to take care of my body.

I have really enjoyed this challenge, and I urge you to try it one day. You will feel TONS better.

Now onto my Results. Here are my results since April 16th:
Weight: 7 pounds (23 since Jan. 1st)
Waist: 1 inch
Neck: 1/4 inch
Chest: 1 1/2 inches
Hips: 1 inch
Ribs: 2 inches (I can really tell a difference in my ribcage.  I have had to go down a notch on my bra - yay!)

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