Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY: The Drawer Organizer

I'm not an organizing freak, but I do like to make my life simpler and try to utilize things I already have on hand. Having things organized nice and neat makes me less stressed!  My husband and I walked through the Container Store to find some things we can add to our Christmas List. My husband saw this sock organizer and said "I would love to have this."
We looked at several other drawer organizers like this one:
So that got my brain ah-churnin'. We got home and I got to crafting.  Here is how I made a drawer organizer for FREE:

I used an Amazon box that I recently got in the mail, cut the flaps off and used them as dividers.  Yes it's certainly not as pretty or attractive BUT it was FREE!

I organized my husband's socks by whites, blacks, and dress socks.
And I organized my socks by whites, dress socks and black/colored socks.
The box fit perfect in our drawers, with a little room to spare.  What's great about it is we can now see ALL of our socks, they are perfectly organized, AND we can properly "rotate" our socks so not one single pair gets worn more than others (at least that's the plan).

The organizers at The Container Store are really not that expensive BUT you can't beat FREE!

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