Thursday, November 3, 2011

I LOVE Shopping Online!! Famous Footwear Edition

Brian goes through tennis shoes like CRAZY. So whenever I see a deal like this, I snatch it up FAST!

Famous Footwear recently had a promotion for 30% off their website PLUS I shopped online thru ShopAtHome and got 20% cash back.

Here is what I purchased:
* Men's New Balance Shoes (Reg. $59.99)
* 2 Ped's (Nude & Black) ($4.99 each)
* Men's Black Dress Socks ($11.99)
* Men's New Balance Ankle Socks (Black) ($11.99)
* Women's Trouser Socks (6pk) ($12.99)
* Men's Nike Dual Fusion Shoes (Reg. $67.99)

Retail cost would have been $174.93 + tax ($14.43). With the 30% + 20% cash back, I paid ONLY $87.67.  I saved $101.69 - YESSSsssss!!!!!

Read more HERE, HERE and HERE on why I LOVE shopping online.

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